Global Mobility Virtual Summit 

Unpacking the Employee Experience (EX)

June 4th - 8th 2018


The 2018 Summit is now over


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Adding the EX Factor to Global Mobility Strategy and Assignee Support

Discover experts' perspectives on what matters when supporting  international employees' relocation experiences.

Learn what it takes to support and inspire their success abroad.

Join from the comfort of your own office or home.  

Listen at a time that suits you during the Summit week.

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Understanding the employee experience is central to the development of leading edge HR mobility strategies -  strategies that will enhance the recruitment and retention of key international talent.

It's a complex issue as the scope of the employee experience is dramatically widened once the international perspective is added. 

This Summit asks searching questions about the factors which contribute to globally mobile employees' experiences and the strategies you devise to support them.

What really makes a difference to employees when relocating internationally?

What enhances performance, what hinders it?

How can you make difficult decisions about the range and scope of support provided?

How can you be more agile as an organisation in responding to global resourcing needs?


Meet the Speakers

 We've lined up some great experts and thought leaders from around the world.

Who will benefit from joining the Summit?

Global mobility professionals and consultants.

HR managers and teams responsible for globally mobile employees.

Talent development managers responsible for international talent.

Relocation professionals who support international assignees and their families.

Meet the Summit Creator and Host:

Louise Wiles

International relocation is not a one stop hop, it is a process of considerable change and adjustment for the employee, their teams (new and old) and the partners and families that travel too. Support can be variable, from outstanding to non-existant. Louise believes what makes the difference between these two extremes is an interest in, and desire to support the employee experience. Louise helps organisations understand the employee journey and build assignment programmes that provide need driven and timely support - enhancing the employee experience,  engagement and ultimately their professional and personal success abroad.

International relocation has been a feature of Louise's academic, professional and personal life for the past two decades. As a transition and career coach and trainer specialising in the support of international assignees and their families, Louise understands the challenges and is excited by the opportunities that global mobility presents.

Louise is founder of Thriving Abroad Ltd and author of Thriving Abroad: The definitive guide to professional and personal relocation success.

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Summit Programme


Monday June 4th 2018

Louise Wiles, Director, Thriving Abroad - Welcome and Summit Overview

Chris Debner, Managing Director, Strategic Global Mobility Advisory - EX, A Strategic Choice for Mobility


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Tuesday June 5th 2018

Andrea Piacentini, Founder, The RES Forum - Employee Experience and the Mobile Employee - A challenge too far or the key ingredient to securing positive assignment outcomes

Susan Schneider, CEO, Plus Relocation - Relocation Support and its role in enhancing the employee experience

Michael Elia, CEO, TraQs - Employee Experience - What research tells us about the lived experience of international mobility 

Wednesday June 6th 2018

Michelle Parry-Slater, Director, Kairos Modern Learning - Enhancing the employee experience, taking learning and development global

Andy Habermacher, Founder, Leading Brains - Using our understanding of neuroscience to enhance the employee experience

Louise Wiles, Director, Thriving Abroad - Supporting the employee journey 


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Thursday June 7th, 2018

John Staines, Vice President Marketing and Strategy, TASCA Global - Getting recruitment and retention right

Penny Pullan, Director, Making Projects Work - When the employee experience goes virtual

Linda Janssen, Founder, Resilient Global Transitions - A resilience framework for cross-cultural assignments

Friday 8th June 2018

Kate Berger, The Expat Kids Club - When the employee experience includes the employee plus family. Why kids matter

Inês Nascimento, Sumol+Compal - HR Manager, Compensation & Benefits, Global Mobility & Employee Relations - Nurturing and developing talent through global mobility

Louise Wiles, Director, Founder, THRIVING ABROAD - Round up, summit key messages and conclusions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some A's to your Q's about the global mobility virtual summit

What does registration for the summit provide access to?

The interviews will be live on the site to watch for free until midnight Friday June 8th 

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The summit pass is £47 if you buy before or during the summit and £97 if you buy afterwards. You'll get more details about purchasing the pass once you register for the summit.

Where do I go to access the recordings of the interviews?

When you subscribe to the virtual summit you will be added to the summit mailing list. This will tell us that you are interested in the summit content and means that we will send you emails with links to all the recorded interviews.

What do I need to be able to listen to or watch the interviews?

The interviews can be viewed or listened to on any modern computer, tablet or phone provided you have a fast enough internet connection.

If you can watch youtube videos from your device then you should be fine.

If you choose to buy the summit pass you will have full access to all the interviews from the membership area, and will be able to download them all should you wish to do so.

Can I share the interviews with colleagues?

Please do share details of the summit with your colleagues and friends. They can then register for the summit as well. 

Please do not share access to the summit membership area if you choose to buy the summit pass. Your purchase entitles access only for you.